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Meet Tracey Lieske

Tracey has been training gun dogs for over thirty years and professionally guiding hunts for the last twenty five. Lieske has guided at the nation’s most prestigious upland hunting locations including Orvis endorsed lodges in Michigan, Idaho, Texas, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  He most recently owned and operated Wild Wing Lodge and Kennel in Western Kentucky.

Tracey Lieske has been a fixture in the shooting-sports industry for decades and is well known for his work at a number of the country’s top bird-hunting venues. He’s got a stellar reputation for developing excellent bird dogs, a skill set he’s honed over four decades since he trained his first dog (a springer) when he was only 12.

“Our philosophy of developing a gun dog in the proper manner is to expose the young dog to all of the elements that mother nature has to offer and some that she does not, including numerous bird contacts.”

“We believe in using a gentle hand to achieve the desired goals, one that will leave the dog with a great desire to hunt and produce game for the owner.”